IoT Smart Solutions from Sensyon

Making the Next Generation Smart Campus a Reality Today at Qualcomm.
At Qualcomm’s main San Diego campus, IoT smart solutions are everywhere. When Qualcomm employees are stuck in an unexpected traffic jam on their morning commute, they know they won’t lose any more time once they arrive at the company parking lot.

Introducing Sensyon Smart Construction

Building Smarter Worker Safety Practices with an IoT-Enabled Construction Site On 21st century IoT-enabled construction sites, worker safety goes far beyond the typical hard hat and harness. In fact, tiny real-time location system (RTLS) sensors attached to workers’ personal protection equipment (PPE) have the potential to dramatically reduce on-site accidents and injuries more than ever before.

Sensyon’s Intelligent IoT Solutions Monitor and Alert on Vaccine Temperature Conditions

How Intelligent IoT Solutions Can Keep Vaccines Viable.
The announcement of FDA approval of two COVID-19 vaccines came as a relief and a harbinger of hope for 2021. However, the temperature requirements to keep the vaccines viable during transport and in storage have created an unprecedented logistics challenge for hospitals and transportation companies alike – not to mention the critical need to track the chain of custody of these potentially lifesaving medical assets.